• Guest house

    8 rooms from two to five places.

  • For weddings

    We are able to host and accommodate 100 or more guests.

  • Camping

    8 houses from five to nine places.

  • For seminars

    An ideal place for seminars. Nature calmness is guaranteed.


We can organise both-  a wedding with a very large number of guests and the small circle of friends and relatives.

  • We can take in and accommodate more than 100 guests;
  • A wide space is available for different kind of activities;
  • Bar space;
  • Billiard hall;
  • A lot of beautiful places for wedding photos;
  • Spacious rooms for celebrations;
  • Sauna and outdoor hot tub;
  • Laying wedding tables, according to customers’ wishes, we also provide waitresses.
  • Guests can be accommodated in the guest house; sauna; camping cabins

Weddings in “Ventaskrasti”  arealways unforgettably beautiful and our guest house is located in a quiet place, so it is perfect for a wedding celebration until dawn. Venta presents and creates a pleasant atmosphere and the feeling of freedom.


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